45 tr/m2

Khu 1, đất nền nhà phố, 8×20, giá 45tr

  • 160 m2
  • 12m
  • 8x20 Kích thước

Property Description *

Bán đất nền Thạnh Mỹ Lợi, dự án Khu 1, Lô A.

Diện tích: 8×20, đường 12m, giá 45 tr/m2.

Gần đường Nguyễn Khoa Đăng 40m, và Đồng Văn Cống.
Gần UBND Quận 2 và trung tâm hành chính.

LH: 0942 965 569


  • Đường thông
  • Gần trung tâm thương mại
  • Gần chung cư
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  • Gần UBND
  • Gần hồ sinh thái
  • Air Conditioning
  • Lawn
  • Swimming Pool
  • Barbeque
  • Microwave
  • TV Cable
  • Washer
  • Outdoor Shower
  • Gym
  • Window Coverings
  • Dryer
  • Laundry

Environmental Responsibility

We believe that protecting the environment is key to a high-performing, successful organisation. We’re committed to maintaining and improving the quality of our environment for our employees, residents and the wider community. This means reducing our contribution to climate change, pollution and use of the earth's scarce resources, by effectively managing energy use, resource use, waste and emissions

  • Strive for intelligent and sustainable solutions in the new homes we build, focusing on energy and water efficiency, sustainable sources of heat and power, materials and air quality/ventilation.
  • Recycle, reduce and reuse in our business operations, from printing to lighting to office supplies.
  • Encourage and support our staff to use low-carbon transport, offering bike storage, showers, a ‘Cycle to Work’scheme and oyster cards for work.
  • Raise awareness among our residents on how they can reduce energy and water use at home and about the benefits of leading healthier, more sustainable lives.
  • Measure and report our environmental performance.